Ridge Valley Stables

Grafton, MA USA




Pumbaa the Pony

Compost made at Ridge Valley Stables

Processed, Organic, Composted Horse Manure - a fine fertilizer

Just in time for spring gardening!

At Ridge Valley Stables, the horses make a lot of manure in the barn. When we clean out the stalls there is inevitably some hay mixed in. Combining horse manure, hay, and a bit of sawdust makes great compost. We use the tractor to turn it and mix it regularly to maintain the right temperature and keep the composting processes going strong. After winter is over, the compost ends up rich and dark with little or no aroma compared to some other composted manure varieties.

We can load your truck or trailer directly with the tractor, which moves 1/3 cu.yd. per struck loader bucket.



For example: 2 cubic yards delivered 20 miles away is (2 x $45 + 20 x $1.60) = $122. Contact Terry Therrien @ 508-726-0607 for an exact quote.